The AIGA Get Out the Vote is a campaign that wields the power of design to motivate the American public to register and turn out to vote. Intended as real civic engagement initiative and presenting an online gallery of original, nonpartisan posters for printing and public distribution, the campaign leverages the talent of energized designers nationwide. The series of posters is targeted towards San Diego City College’s sizable Latinx population to increase voter turnout for the 2020 election. 
With such a vigorous cultural identity driving the aesthetic direction, iconic papel picados were designed as main focal point for this project. Bright nuances were chosen to recall the festive colors of Mexico. To be informative and visually direct, a custom type was cut out from the paper and used for strong mottos, which purposely refer to current events and relevant themes for this community. The eyecatching effect is amplified by the contrast between the color of the thin decorative paper and the black and white background. Being an important social cause and having the goal of drawing the viewer into the subject matter, the human element was fundamental and represented by diverse gender and age.