Dreamland is an annual gaming conference organized by Geek and based in Margate, England. Blending e-sport  tournaments and famous speakers, the organization seeks to create a stimulating and fun environment for passionate gamers and developers. Presenting various retro inspired videogames, the conference mixes nostalgia influences with contemporary themes. The animated blend of modern and vintage targets 27-40 years olds who are interested in a short adventure to a fantastic virtual world, yet want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in this field.
In order to communicate the duality of the brand, a tailored typeface was created for the logo. A strong reference to retro videogame typography was mixed with modern and simple lines. This was paired with the modern typeface Nudista, a combination that allowed for clear and legible text, especially for functional pieces such as booklet and banners. The vivid color palette was chosen to differentiate it from other conferences in the industry and recall eighties digital nuances. To leave space for the graphics of the featured videogames, the illustrations are purposely kept simple, using only black outline and white shapes, often filled with the linework similar to what is used in the logo.