Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation is a nonprofit organization with locations spread throughout the country. Specialized in rescuing Italian Greyhound dogs, volunteers hold awareness events, look for foster homes and screen potential adopters. Paying tribute to the history of this particular breed, the brand conjures a classical and elegant look, fused with modernity. With the purpose of changing the lives of dogs raised in a cruel industry, the association’s website targets animal lovers aged 35 to 50, who want to make the difference and help little Italian Greyhounds.
For the rebrand of the association, a typeface inspired by the elegance of the breed was created. The crafted letters mix long lines and curved details hinting at the delicate silhouette of greyhounds, while also giving a friendly but distinctive character. In an effort to add a contemporary twist to the existing brand, the combination mark was created using the same typeface. The modern Nudista was used for the online media, to maintain an approachable and user friendly look. The website follows a unique style that sets it apart from other adoption centers. The black and white pictures are combined with graphic elements, where the exclusive use of orange underlines the determination and passion of the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation.