Mampuru is a small African distillery that exports mampoer to the United States. This is a iconic South African beverage, from fermented seasonal fruit, and introduces Americans to a traditional spirit along with modern South African culture. The brand combines the classic and long-established look of high-end alcoholic beverages, with bold references to the multi-colored world of local tribes. The brand’s classic and aged mampoer blends, target 25-40 years old American alcohol consumers who are in constant search of dynamic and intense flavors. 
To communicate the dual spirit of the brand, the logo was made to look edgy yet rustic with connected letters in reference to the numerous ancient tribes united under the state of South Africa. The black bottle was purposely chosen to direct the attention to the label and colorful cloth on top. The typefaces Shift and Cardo were used to recall American slab-serif typography and keep a classic, old-style look. The limited colors are thoughtfully selected from the vibrant Ankara fabric,  traditional textile widely used in Africa and hand wrapped on top to seal the bottle and give it a unique and touch. To craft an exclusive look for the special edition spirit, a different layout and label were used. The aged liquor is featured in an earthy colored wooden box, to reference the wilderness of the African continent.