Ovelle is a yarn dispensary located in Dublin, Ireland. Born as a mom and pop shop and then elevated to an exclusive store, the owner’s goal is to create an approachable yet upscale environment. Hosting famous designers from the knitting world for workshops, their high quality yarn and the attention to detail, targets 25–35 year old women who value traditional techniques and want to go back to the simplicity of handmade knitwear using the finest fibers.
To communicate the femininity of the brand, the name Ovelle was given as union of the words ovella (sheep) and elle (her). The curvy and retro looking Edda Pro was used as base for the logo. The soft but warm nuances chosen for the color palette are meant to reflect the softness of the fibers. In order to look functional yet elegant, a special grid and layout were created for the pattern instructions, using the clean Lulu typeface for the headings and the delicate serif Cormorant for the text. The company chooses to not have a website, therefore special attention has been given to Instagram feeds, which embody the social nature of the small knitting classes, yet leave space for a more easy and controllable type of communication for this business. The packaging doubles as a yarn bowl, minimizing waste, while a string lock makes space for simple labelling as visual references help customers identify the product inside.