Paintpal is a subscription box that connects children from around the globe through art expression. The company believes that students need to better understand and empathize with other cultures to be globally prepared for our future. A box filled with supplies, art tools and educational material arrives monthly. Young artists can then participate in a safe, fun-filled exchange of creativity between global kids. Paintpal delivers inspired connections for worldly parents and their little one aged 4 to 12. 
To grow global awareness and bridge a connection to the real world, the kit needed to educate while enhancing creativity. As an expression of the artistic direction of the brand, a rainbow of playful colors were chosen for the identity with a handmade feel. A lively pattern of paint strokes is applied to both print and packaging applications. The whimsical handwritten style of the typeface Sunday Morning was used for headings and combined with highly readable Proxima Soft for body copy. To reach the multicultural audience, black and white illustrative icons were developed to make information compelling and easy to understand. The user-friendly website features engaging content and reinforces the brand with repeating visual elements and colors.